Jorvik Viking Centre


The world famous JORVIK Viking Centre is a ‘must-see’ for visitors to the city of York!



Jorvik Viking Centre
Jorvik Viking Centre

Journey down and through the reconstruction of ancient Coppergate, on the very spot where a Viking village once stood! A glass floor reveals the site of the archaeological dig, with artefacts from the excavation displayed right underneath your feet. With over 17 million visitors since opening its doors in 1984, it’s no surprise that the JORVIK Viking Centre is one of the most popular visitor attractions in the UK and known world-wide!

Jorvik Viking Centre
Jorvik Viking Centre

Visitors can hop aboard state-of-the-art Time Cars that journey through the Viking-age city of Jorvik, where they encounter the old-Norse speaking citizens, see inside their houses and back yards, smell their home-cooked food & blacksmith’s smoke, hear neighbours fight & children play and experience life as it was 1000 years ago!


The Vikings Arrived in AD866, When Will You Get There?



15-17 Coppergate Walk

Telephone: 01904 615505